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Friday, September 30, 2016

AIRI Representation at the Wyoming Global Technology Summit

Earlier this month the third annual Wyoming Global Technology Summit was held in Jackson Hole.  The Summits are focused on identifying leading technologies that are relevant to rural populations around the world.  Hosted by Governor Matt Mead, the WGTS has become one of the most significant events for promotion of technologies.

This year AIRI was well represented.  I was honored to be asked to serve as Master of Ceremonies.

Dr. Raghubir Gupta of RTI International, a new AIRI institute in North Carolina, gave a very interesting presentation on RTI's Carbon Capture technologies.  His research shows that carbon capture, which has the potential to reverse the negative impacts of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere, has been demonstrated both in the laboratory and at a prototype plant in Florida to be effective.

Dr. Nicholas Schork of the J. Craig Venter Institute provided a detailed view of the promise of precision medicine in a presentation that was both informative, and demonstrated the technology's applicability to the State of Wyoming.

Raghubir and Nik, thank you for your engagement in Wyoming!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

AIRI Welcomes The Doheny Eye Institute

Since the 2015 AIRI Meeting we have added ten new institutes to the AIRI membership.  One of the most recent additions is the Doheny Eye Institute.  Their addition strengthens not only AIRI, but the extensive AIRI presence in Southern California (City of Hope Nat Med Center & Beckman Research Institute, Huntington Medical Research Institutes, J. Craig Venter Institute, The La Jolla Institute, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, San Diego Biomedical Research Institute, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, The Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, and The Scripps Research Institute).  Doheny is the second affiliate of UCLA to become a member of AIRI.

Doheny Eye Institute is an independent non-profit organization, affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles. Established in 1947, the mission of Doheny Eye Institute is to preserve, conserve and restore human eyesight. The Institute conducts a wide range of groundbreaking vision research. This work has made a significant impact in vision health as research has contributed to new treatments and cures for eye disease.

Doheny Eye Institute is committed to finding solutions to the growing public health issue of age-related eye disease. Doheny has been a leader in developing new treatments, with modern methods of molecular biology, gene therapy, regenerative medicine and nanotechnology. The Institute prides itself on collaborative and multi-disciplinary research that incorporates the work of scientists from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Doheny’s glaucoma researchers have led major studies to improve methods to detect the disease at an early stage, and save sight for patients.
  • Doheny researchers have addressed vision loss in age-related macular degeneration by developing stem cell technology to engineer retinal cells to replace the cells that have been lost in the disease.
  • The Doheny Image Reading Center (DIRC) is a valuable resource for advanced imaging of the eye, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and clinical studies.

The staff of Doheny is already active in AIRI activities. We look forward to their growing involvement in AIRI!